Incredibles 2 Movie Review

After a 14 year hiatus, The Incredibles has hit the big screen with their sequel to the 2004 box office success, amassing and even larger opening weekend than Finding Dory, which was a box office record.

It’s amazing that after 14 years, Jack-Jack hasn’t aged a day!

Before we proceed with this review, we think it disappointing that we must issue a couple of warnings regarding a Disney animated movie.  First and most important, there are several scenes with flashing lights that could trigger an epileptic episode to those with this medical condition, or any medical condition that can be made worse with flashing lights.  Second, while many kids today have heard a lot of inappropriate language, this PG rated movie has a couple of scenes with stronger language than we believe is necessary for the plot.

The Incredibles is now back in theaters with their sequel. (©Disney/Pixar)

The Incredibles 2 picks up where it left off with the Underminer attacking the city and the supers attempting to catch him.  The pursuit leaves the city in shambles and causes a huge political uproar against them, so much so that the entire department is being shut down and their trusty government friend, Rick Dicker is being retired.  But a wealthy businessman and his sister want to hire them to fight crime, put them in a positive light and hopefully change the minds of the citizens and politicians to decriminalize the supers and bring them back into society.

Their plan is to use only one of the supers at a time, starting with Elastigirl.  This leaves dad/Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible to become “Mr. Mom” and take care of the kids while mom/Helen Parr/Elastigirl is working.  The problem with this scenario is that dad is discovering that taking care of kids, especially a baby, is more work than he bargained for – since Jack-Jack is discovering that he, too has super powers.

Dad, lacking sleep, decides that Edna Mode is the right person to consult and against her will, drops off Jack-Jack for a night so he can get some much needed rest.

During all this, mom is out saving the world from a new villain, “Screenslaver.”  This is where the flashing lights come in as everyone’s TVs are the mechanism by which this villain controls his victims.  Elastigirl quickly finds Screenslaver and begins to realize that it was all too easy.  In her investigation, she discovers that she is a pawn in a much larger plot.

Without giving away the rest of the story, we will say that Jack-Jack provides a lot of comic relief in this film.  His antics as he discovers his super powers, and dad’s attempt to deal with and keep him under control is quite hilarious.

Violet’s love interest from the first film, Tony reprises his role with some strange twists thanks to Rick Dicker.

All-in-all, it’s still a really good movie.  Hopefully Disney will take the criticism constructively and work on movies that are less medically stressful; as well as “watching the language.”  We are also hopeful that Disney won’t wait another 14 years to bring forth the next sequel.  The Underminer is still out there!!!

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