The BFG Movie Review

From the mystical mind of Roald Dahl and magic of Steven Spielberg comes Disney’s latest movie, The BFG (Big Friendly Giant).  We had an opportunity to preview this movie, courtesy of Disney’s Official Fan Club, D23.


The BFG is a somewhat dark film with intense and scary scenes involving a little girl in a world of giants, most of whom want to eat her and are willing to do anything to satiate their appetite for “human beans.”

There are also funny and light-hearted scenes, strange words, and unusual happenings such as water running uphill or bubbles sinking in a glass.  These are similar to what we see in other classics from Roald Dahl such as“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” or “James and the Giant Peach.”  Things that could only have come from the imagination of the author.

The format for this movie would have been right up Walt Disney’s alley – a combination of live action and computer generated animation.  Unfortunately, we don’t think this movie will have the impact of Finding Dory, Zootopia or Frozen.  We believe this movie is for older kids and adults who are into the mystical fantasy genre of stories like the Harry Potter series; its story line is kind of slow and will probably not hold the attention of younger movie-goers.

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