TBT the Disney Way


“Stayin’ Alive Canada” performs at the American Gardens Theater in EPCOT.

What a wild way to celebrate a “Throw Back Thursday.”  We watched a Bee Gees tribute band called “Stayin’ Alive Canada,” (facebook page)   perform at EPCOT in Walt Disney World.  They performed some of the Bee Gees’ most famous songs from the Disco era, including songs from the movie “Saturday Night Fever.”  It was funny to look around and see that most of the audience were our age!

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Run Disney – Walt Disney World Version

On Saturday, February 20, we ran our first race at Walt Disney World, the Enchanted 10K during the Princess Half Marathon Weekend.  In a previous post, we described our runs at Disneyland.  Running is running, so this will be a comparison of running at the two parks.

Entering EPCOT

Entering EPCOT

Just like the parks themselves, the location dictates the size.  The runs in Florida are nearly twice the size of the ones in California.  The simple comparisons of the first 2016 races show:

Disneyland – Star Wars 10K – 8994 finishers vs WDW Enchanted 10K – 11,341 finishers.  Disneyland Star Wars Half Marathon – 11,316 finishers vs WDW Princess Half Marathon – 20,126 finishers.

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Walt Disney World 2015

Velora, Dan, Debbie & Melvin

Velora, Dan, Debbie & Melvin

In mid-November, we had the incredible opportunity to go back to Florida to spend a couple of days in Walt Disney World.  This was following Melvin’s retirement and the sale of our home in California.  What we thought was going to be a few days to get away and relax (downsizing your life takes an unexpected physical and emotional toil on a person) turned into a celebration of our next phase of life.  Long days and lots of good food with dear friends left us with little time to relax.  But it was all worth it in the end.

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