Star Wars – The Force Awakens

This review is written from Melvin’s perspective as Debbie has NEVER seen a single Star Wars movie and has no desire to see this one!  I will attempt to entice you to see this movie without having to issue a “spoiler alert.”

I finally saw the new Star Wars – The Force Awakens, a week after its opening.  I will say that I was impressed with Disney’s effort to breathe new life into this epic saga of good versus evil.  This is a new movie for a new generation of fans, introducing a new slate of technologies and never-before-seen characters, as well as bringing back some familiar faces.

The story picks up where Return of the Jedi leaves off, approximately 30 years later.  We see remnants of the battles between the Galactic Empire and the Old Republic.  On Jakku, there is

Stared Down by a Storm Trooper

Stared Down by a Storm Trooper

the remains of a Star Destroyer, and here we are introduced to our first new main character, Rey.  She is a young scavenger who searches the old wreckage for things to sell in order to survive on this desert planet.  As the story line develops, we learn of the new galactic evil, the First Order, which arose from the ashes of the Galactic Empire, its dark side leader, Kylo Ren and his mentor, Supreme Leader.  Jedi and other forces for good have seemingly disappeared, including Luke Skywalker, for whom the entire galaxy is searching – each for their own reasons.

Other characters that help carry this chapter of the story are BB-8, the loveable droid that winds up carrying valuable information needed by both the Resistance and the First Order.  His cute beeps, squeaks and whistles are almost intelligible.  Finn, the Storm Trooper-turned-Resistance Fighter appears more cowardly than hero, and his roles in future episodes is uncertain.  Poe Dameron, the hot shot fighter pilot has an uncanny similarity to a previous hot shot fighter pilot, but there is no insinuation as to his relationship with anyone in the movie.

Subtly discussed through the movie is the familial relations that have continued to develop and grow through the years; not unlike those we learned of in the original three movies.

There have been several reviewers that have poo-pooed this movie, and I have to thoroughly disagree with them.  There is only one issue I had with this story and that is Rey’s apparent command of the Force that Luke never had at this point.  But as we have learned through the way the storyline developed in previous episodes, the questions we have now will be answered in the future releases.

Did I enjoy it?  Absolutely.  Should you see it?  Only if you are into the Star Wars saga, or you like science fiction space movies.  It will create a new generation of fans (and geeks, nerds and collectors), who will have questions of their own; and those of us who grew up with the original movies will now have another reason to introduce them to the ways of The Force.

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