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Why would we do something we thoroughly dislike?  Sometimes a person would do something because they have to; but we don’t have to, so why would we run like crazy?  Like most everything Disney does, they make running fun!  So over the next several months we will be participating in several 10K runs through Disney parks.

Star Wars 10K Starting Line

Star Wars 10K Starting Line (2015)

The most recent one was the second annual Star Wars run that went around and through Disneyland and California Adventure, the weekend of January 15, 2016.  We chose to run the 10K because we are not runners; so this is a good challenge for us without overdoing it trying to complete a half or full marathon.

So why would we do this?  As mentioned earlier, Disney makes this fun.  Crazy, right?!

RunDisney Expo

RunDisney Expo

Starting with the runner’s Expo inside the Disneyland Hotel, one can buy run-related merchandise such as shoes, support socks, costume enhancements, sample various protein snacks, or just get expert advice to keep yourself healthy and improve your running experience.  Next comes the race itself.  Disney doesn’t just have the participants run through the streets of Anaheim, around the Disneyland Resort.

Photo Op with BB-8

Photo Op with BB-8

No, that wouldn’t be fun; and it would cause a lot of traffic congestion in the area.  Disney has the participants run THROUGH the parks and the back areas that are normally off limits to the public, as well as providing various photo-op locations – as long as you don’t care about your time.

Another fun aspect of the race is the option to wear a costume.  It is amazing to see what other people choose to wear and how well their costume is done; and one must consider that participants have to run a long distance dressed up – not standard running clothing.

The Reward!

The Reward!

Then comes the final reward of the race, the “bling.”  Everyone who finishes receives a medallion commemorating their effort and completion.

There are 4 runs throughout the year at Disneyland.  Star Wars run in January, Tinkerbell run in May, Disneyland run in September and Avengers Super Hero run in November.  Most of these events have kids races for every age starting with a Diaper Dash, 100 meter, 200 meter and 400 meter run, depending on ages.  The bigger races are 5K, 10K and Half Marathon.

Walt Disney World also has 4 events, beginning with the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend (you read that right, marathon, a full 26 miles!) in January, the Princess run in February, the Star Wars run in April and the Wine & Dine run in November.

For the international traveler, there is also an inaugural Disneyland Paris run in September, 2016.

Debbie (Leia), Melvin (Luke on Dagobah), Bekah (Kylo Ren).

Debbie (Leia), Melvin (Luke on Dagobah), Bekah (Kylo Ren).

Like we said at the beginning of this post, we are not runners, but somehow we are drawn to participating in these races even though we will never come close to finishing in the top three.  If you think you could survive a 5K, 10K, half or full marathon, you can get more information at  But here is some sage advice:  If you want to do this, your window to sign up is extremely limited.  Once the sign ups begin, you must do this within the first hour of the first day – registrations fill up that fast!  Oh, and don’t forget to practice and get your doctor’s clearance; you risk hurting yourself if you aren’t ready, no matter your age.

These races really are a lot of fun.  Why else would we do this?  Sign up, get practicing and come join us.  You might find yourself enjoying something you dislike!

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