Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Partners at Halloween

We attended our first ever Disneyland version of “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party” on October 5th.  The significance of this is that it was our first time going to the Disneyland version; we had the opportunity to attend the party in 2014 at Walt Disney World.

These parties have quickly become annual traditions in the parks, with ever increasing numbers of guests and better and better costumes each year.  To attend, everyone age 3 and older needs to purchase, in advance, a separate ticket for the party, and the park is closed in the evening to regular Disney guests.  Disney usually announces the dates for the parties in July and they are held on select nights starting in late September.

The night was filled with seasonal decorations, special effects, lots of costumes, and almost endless supplies of candy (too bad it’s not the really good stuff from the Disney candy stores!).  One of the things that makes this special is this is the one time when Disney allows an adult to dress as ANY kid-friendly (hence the “Not-So-Scary” part) character. In fact, it is highly encouraged in order to enhance everyone’s enjoyment.

Grand Entrance

We had the good fortune to be able to take along one of our daughters and her family (we wish all could have attended, but maybe next time).  We all got dressed up for the party.  As is customary, we stopped inside the front entrance for our group picture.  Scott was dressed as “Tigger,” Campbell was “Christopher Robin,” Krista was “Winnie the Pooh,” and Heidi – her first Disney visit at 10 weeks old, came as “Piglet.”  Debbie came as “Minnie Mouse” and Melvin, of course was “Goofy.”

Decorated Main Gate

Decorated Main Gate

Many areas of the park are decorated for the season, including the Main Entry Gates, Main Street, New Orleans Square, and parts of Frontier Land.  Even Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and It’s A Small World put on special colors.

Once inside and your ticket validated, a Cast Member will put a wrist band on your arm that identifies you as a party guest and they present you with a trick or treat bag to hold all your goodies (you can bring your own bag, if you wish).  But without the magic wristband, you cannot ride the attractions, eat in the restaurants or get the one thing we all came for, the candy!

Mickey Ghost

Mickey Ghost

Finding the candy is easy, just look for a Mickey Ghost.  This is usually the start of a trail of candy stations where a Cast Member will put candy into your trick or treat bag.  There are a dozen or more of these stations around the park.  For extra assistance in locating a station, Disney will provide a park map with the locations depicted.  And they can be in some strange places.  The most unusual place we found was up on the Monorail Station.  Don’t forget to smile and be friendly to the Cast Members along the way!

Character Photo With Eyore and Tigger

Character Photo With Eeyore and Tigger

And no Disney trip is complete without a Character photo or two.  There are plenty of opportunities with traditional characters and characters also dressed for the Halloween party.  Bring your own camera or use the Photopass photos that can be downloaded later.  If you need help, just ask.  We have never been turned down by a Cast Member or other guest to help get us all in the photo.

And to end the night, we did something we haven’t done in quite a while.  We shut the place down!  Hurray for us, we actually made it to closing time.

So with that, we will close this post with a few more pictures from our magical night at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, Disneyland, 2015.


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