Hidden Mickeys

Obvious "hidden" Mickey

Obvious “hidden” Mickey in EPCOT.  This one is about four feet wide!

Believe it or not, there are actually things to do at a Disney Park besides ride the attractions, eat the food or avoid the crowds!  We’ve read blogs and stories complaining about the hurriedness of the park, waiting in the long lines, or that someone in the family needs a slower pace.  In fact, we sometimes find ourselves just wandering around the park and taking in the magic that isn’t part of a ride.

One such activity is searching for those special architectural additions called “Hidden Mickey’s.”  These are special Mickey-shaped icons that are incorporated into the design of a building, sign, display, attraction, or other location of significance.  There are dozens and dozens of these located in every Disney park and they are a special addition to the décor.  The really fun ones are the ones that appear in a ride, such as the Hidden Mickey at the end of the new “Soaring Over The World.”  They happen quickly and you need to be ready to see it.

Small classic Mickey

Small classic Mickey

The key to these is that they are hidden – or at least hard to find – some more so than others.  The one pictured above is at the bottom of the aquarium in EPCOT at Walt Disney World.  It is about 4 feet wide, and isn’t quite so hidden.   So now we have given you the location on this one, can you find others?

Here are two more examples: This first one is in Disney California Adventure.  It is part of a display and maybe only an inch wide.  It is considered a “classic” because it is the silhouette of Mickey.

Picture This Mickey!

Picture This Mickey!

The next one is where several elements make up the Mickey shape, and it is hidden in a shop on Main Street in Disneyland.  These hidden icons can help pass the time while waiting in a line, or just create a new activity to do in a Disney park.

Searching for Hidden Mickey’s can be made into a game; or just used to discover more of the magic in a Disney park.

Hidden Mickey's Books

Hidden Mickey’s Books

If you want more information on the Hidden Mickey’s, there are books available on them, which can be purchased on our Amazon.com store; simply click on the links at the lower right of this post.

Also, never hesitate to ask a Cast Member if you need help or want some interesting information.

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