D23 Day at Camp Inch

Entrance to Camp Inch

Entrance to Camp Inch

(This post was updated on May 13.  See the end of the story for something cool) 

On May 9, 2015, we had the opportunity to see a special showing of the 1961 Disney classic, “The Parent Trap,” starring Hayley Mills, Maureen O’Hara and Brian Keith.  The Animation Studios in Burbank, CA hosted this event creating special photo ops with simulated scenes from Camp Inch, the summer camp where Sharon McKendrick and Susan Evers each discovered they had a twin.

The day started with special shopping at a pop-up store from the Imagineering Studios.  Here we could purchase limited edition pins from Alice in Wonderland and other Imagineering merchandise.  Then we wandered the grounds taking pictures and visiting the location of the country club scene from the movie (we learned that this scene was shot in front of the commissary and not at Pebble Beach) and schmoozing with other Disney fans.

Then we all headed into the Animation Studios Theater to watch the movie.  It is rare that we get to see such a classic without commercial breaks.  It brought back memories of when we first saw the movie as kids; and then our kids having their turn laughing at the comedy of identical twins pulling one over on their parents.

L to R: Stacia Martin, Les Perkins & Susan Hennessey

L to R: Stacia Martin, Les Perkins & Susan Hennessey (backdrop photos of Susan and Hayley Mills)

Following that was a short panel discussion consisting of Disney artist & historian Stacia Martin, who discussed the musical aspects of the movie; producer Les Perkins presented videos and interviews that he compiled about Parent Trap; and actress Susan Hennessey-Schutte, who was Hayley Mills’ body double in the movie.  We chuckled at Susan’s stories of visits to the set by “Uncle Walt,” the antics on and off set, how they even fooled their own mothers and the development of her life-long friendship with Hayley Mills.

We all then headed to a grassy area where a “summer camp” lunch of hot dogs and chips were served; then over to the improvised camp fire where we all made that camp favorite, smores!

A day at a Disney venue wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the on-campus Disney Store. It is always fun and interesting to visit these off-limits locations to see what they have that can’t be bought anywhere else.

Hope to see you soon at a D23 event.  You must be a member to attend and do all the cool stuff we get to do.

(D23.com posted a video from the event.  Click here, then click on the video.  Debbie was included in recap).

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