Cinderella Review

Cinderella Marquee

Cinderella Marquee

We finally went to see the new Cinderella movie on April 7th at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood.  Overall, we couldn’t be more pleased with Disney’s careful remake of this classic story. This live-action version adds a lot of depth to the animated story that Walt Disney made into such a classic in 1950, and with the help of modern digital enhancements, makes this a visually pleasing movie.

The movie starts with Ella’s (Cinderella) early childhood and the sad and joyful times of her life with her mother and father.  We saw Ella’s mother handing down her values and Ella becoming a friend to the animals.  Then comes the first of several of the heartbreaking scenes.  But we find out how she eventually came to be the step-daughter of Lady Tremaine and earn her new nickname, “Cinderella.”  There are other blanks filled in from the original animated release, such as why she had to sleep among the cinders and why she became a servant to her step-mother and step-sisters.

Cinderella's Dress at El Capitan Theater

Cinderella’s Dress at El Capitan Theater

But anyone who is expecting an exact duplicate of the original animation will be disappointed.  First, it’s not as musical with little singing by the characters (and definitely not by the animals).  Second, Disney takes creative license in changing not only the direction of some of the story lines, but in how they are executed.  One noticeable difference is how the King’s role is diminished.  Keep in mind should you criticize this remake – there isn’t just one version of Cinderella.  This truly is a tale as old as time, with the earliest known versions told in the first century A.D., and as many different variations.  Walt just made his the most well known and loved.

One thing to remember in deciding to watch this movie is that there is a lot of adult-level sadness and the early part of the story is

Prince & Cinderella

Prince & Cinderella

somewhat complex, so younger audiences may have difficulty dealing with the emotions or the pace of the story in bringing out the details.  It is rated PG for a reason and it’s not the language or other questionable content, but for the strong emotions on the big screen.

Lily James fills the glass slippers very well and there are few actresses that could have done such an admirable job.  Cate Blanchett appears to have real-life experience as a wicked step-mother as she seemed such a natural in the role.  Disney has been producing a lot of great family films lately, and this is definitely worth your time.

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