Busy Summer & A New Princess

First, we would like to apologize to our reader (whoever you are) for the lack of posts this summer.  It has been a while since our last message, but these couple of months have found us unusually busy and events have taken our time away from visiting anything Disney and writing about our experiences.

Since Melvin is very soon facing mandatory retirement, we have been repairing, cleaning and polishing the house to put it up for sale and we finally turned it over to a realtor on July 14th.  We have had an amazing number of people look at our place; and all have said they really liked it.  We have had a couple of offers, but there were things that made them questionable and so far they haven’t gone through to begin escrow.

In between all this, we have been traveling back and forth between California, North Carolina and Arizona to celebrate various birthdays.


Princess Heidi

Then to top off our summer, we had a new “princess” born to our family on July 29th.  Heidi was born to our daughter, Krista and son-in-law, Campbell.  We can’t wait until she becomes a Disney fan like our little prince, Scott.

But things are starting to resettle in their routines – or better yet, their new routines.  Seems we are constantly vacating the premises with short notice so we can take our dog “Ellie” out while someone is looking at the house.  Hopefully we will now have the time to start contributing regularly to this blog.

In addition, we are making arrangements to fix some things on the motorhome and we are getting anxious (a definite understatement) to start the next chapter in our lives of living on the road, visiting family, friends, seeing all this country has to offer, and of course, spend some “quality time” at the Disney Parks!  We know at this time we are scheduled to be in Walt Disney World in mid-November to meet up with friends, return to Disneyland in January for the Star Wars 10K, then Walt Disney World in February for the Enchanted 10K, then back to Disneyland in May for the Tinkerbell 10K.  In between all that, we will go wherever the Lord and the wind takes us.

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