WDW Skyliner – Guest Review

Notice our hair blowing in the breeze from the great ventilation within the Skyliner car.  (Tom & Mary Ann)

A new twist on an old idea, the Walt Disney World has completed their new Skyliner and is transporting guests around select locations within the resort.  So why is this a new twist?  Disney parks used to have skyliners, but they have long since disappeared from the skies.  They were rides/attractions within the parks – but now they are transportation from resort to park and back.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to experience this new addition on our latest trip but Debbie’s cousin, Mary Ann Yoder had an awesome opportunity to give it a try before it opened to the public, so we asked her to be a guest writer for the blog.  So, without further adieu, here is her story:

Just when you think you’ve become accustomed to the beauty of Disney, a ride on the Skyliner opens your eyes to a whole new world, literally!  As soon as we took flight on the Skyliner, the lyrics of A Whole New World immediately filled my mind:  A whole fantastic point of view!  A dazzling place I never knew. Beautiful, wonderful, splendor!  Unbelievable sights!  Indescribable feeling!

View from above.

We were some of the fortunate few to join cast members, as special guests, to experience the historical inaugural Skyliner flight!  Most of the individual cars are decorated with adorable Disney character images. The ventilation was excellent while suspended in the air, as there is generally a nice Florida breeze. The ride was smooth, quiet, and very comfortable. The Skyliner also has an awesome retro feel to its design, which makes it extra fun. Here are a few snapshots of our experience, as well as an informative map regarding the Skyliner destinations.  – Mary Ann

Route Map (©Disney)

The skyliner is open to resort and park guests as another method of transportation; or just a chance to catch a unique ride and view of the resort.  The current route doesn’t go everywhere, but simply adds to the transportation options available.  It can be used to move between Epcot and Hollywood Studios, with stops at the Art of Animation, Pop Century and Caribbean Beach (and soon to be completed Riviera) Resorts.  Will Disney add more locations later?  That has yet to be seen.  They certainly haven’t added monorail track since 1982 which would definitely have been a very valuable option for guest transportation.

The one thing that has yet to be experienced is what Disney will do when the weather turns to extremes, as it can in central Florida, with near 100 degree temperatures or high winds. These gondolas are not air conditioned but rely on vents to move air through the vehicle, which appears to work well when the car is in motion.

So what’s your favorite mode of Walt Disney World transportation?

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