Tinkerbell 10K

10K Starting Line

10K Starting Line

Mother’s Day weekend found us back at the Disneyland Resort to once again torture ourselves running 6.2 miles (10K).  We mean no disrespect to those slightly deranged individuals who find running enjoyable or a hobby and can’t get enough, but this is an activity that is out of the “norm” for us.  As mentioned in a previous post, we are not runners, so for us to even consider such distance is really a stretch, both physically and mentally.  And now we have completed three (count’em – 3!)races in 2016!

With that intro complete, we want to mention that we really do appreciate the effort of Disney management and Cast Members who make these races magical, including those who show up early just to cheer everyone along.  This run confirmed to us Continue Reading →

Run Disney – Walt Disney World Version

On Saturday, February 20, we ran our first race at Walt Disney World, the Enchanted 10K during the Princess Half Marathon Weekend.  In a previous post, we described our runs at Disneyland.  Running is running, so this will be a comparison of running at the two parks.

Entering EPCOT

Entering EPCOT

Just like the parks themselves, the location dictates the size.  The runs in Florida are nearly twice the size of the ones in California.  The simple comparisons of the first 2016 races show:

Disneyland – Star Wars 10K – 8994 finishers vs WDW Enchanted 10K – 11,341 finishers.  Disneyland Star Wars Half Marathon – 11,316 finishers vs WDW Princess Half Marathon – 20,126 finishers.

While we mentioned that Disney makes running fun, Continue Reading →

Run Disney

Why would we do something we thoroughly dislike?  Sometimes a person would do something because they have to; but we don’t have to, so why would we run like crazy?  Like most everything Disney does, they make running fun!  So over the next several months we will be participating in several 10K runs through Disney parks.

Star Wars 10K Starting Line

Star Wars 10K Starting Line (2015)

The most recent one was the second annual Star Wars run that went around and through Disneyland and California Adventure, the weekend of January 15, 2016.  We chose to run the 10K because we are not runners; so this is a good challenge for us without overdoing it trying to complete a half or full marathon.

So why would we do this?  As mentioned earlier, Disney makes this fun.  Crazy, right?! Continue Reading →