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On Saturday, February 20, we ran our first race at Walt Disney World, the Enchanted 10K during the Princess Half Marathon Weekend.  In a previous post, we described our runs at Disneyland.  Running is running, so this will be a comparison of running at the two parks.

Entering EPCOT

Entering EPCOT

Just like the parks themselves, the location dictates the size.  The runs in Florida are nearly twice the size of the ones in California.  The simple comparisons of the first 2016 races show:

Disneyland – Star Wars 10K – 8994 finishers vs WDW Enchanted 10K – 11,341 finishers.  Disneyland Star Wars Half Marathon – 11,316 finishers vs WDW Princess Half Marathon – 20,126 finishers.

While we mentioned that Disney makes running fun, it isn’t quite as much fun at Walt Disney World.  The reason is that most of the run takes place outside of the park.  The first 3 1/2 miles were run on the streets outside of EPCOT.  While the rest of the run was inside of EPCOT, it was all in the normal guest areas so there wasn’t any back stage secrets to distract from the “agony of da feet.”

Debbie at Mile 5

Debbie at Mile 5

But there are still aspects that makes the Walt Disney World runs fun in their own respect.  There is the camaraderie of everyone trying to stay warm in the early morning hours and meeting new people before, during and after the run.  It’s easy to find someone who ran – everyone is so proud of finishing the race that we wear our medals around all day!  Conversations easily spring from there.  We met people from New York and Louisiana.

Runners still get to dress up for the race.  Since this was the Princess Half Marathon weekend, Debbie dressed as Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) complete with tiara, and Bekah went as Cinderella.  Being a princess run, it is funny to realize that in the number of participants, the women outnumbered the men almost 9-to-1.  Apparently too many men are not comfortable in a princess race!

So with that race under our belts, we are already talking about the next one.  Crazy, right?  Now, we have to stay in shape for the Tinkerbell run in Disneyland in May, and then we are hoping to bring along additional members of our family in the future.  If this sounds like fun, check out RunDisney and come along.

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