Halloween in the Magic Kingdom

Edna Mode (Debbie) and Mr. Incredible (Melvin).

What’s better than a trip to the Magic Kingdom?  Or better than Halloween?  How about a visit to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!  For our sixth straight year, we have made a trip to party with Mickey and all his friends.  The draw is that this is the only time that Disney allows adults to dress up in character – and believe us, there are some characters!  Take these two for example!  Debbie found Edna’s wig and glasses last year and purchased them because they were on a closeout price.  Melvin had his Goofy paraphernalia with him, but was convinced at the last minute to change costumes.  We think we rocked them out!

There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding to go to the party.  First and most important, it’s fun and open to all ages (adults included!).  Not-scary costumes are encouraged (adults included!), just no weapons (or toy weapons) or masks that cover your face.  There are trick-or-treat stations located throughout the park, so pick up a bag or bring your own and don’t be afraid to fill it up (adults included!).  We’re sensing a pattern here, are you?  ADULTS INCLUDED!!!  That’s right – this is the best time to “let your kid” out and party like it’s Halloween!  We even had to explain this to other adults who didn’t want to come because it was “just for the kids!”

The Haunted Mansion (Gracey Manor) at Halloween.

Disney starts these parties in late August and they run on select nights through Halloween.  Halloween night usually sells out early but if possible, go on a week night.  Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party in the Magic Kingdom or Mickey’s Halloween Party (called Oogie Boogie Bash for 2019) at the Disneyland Resort are hard ticketed events, which means that you purchase a separate ticket for the event and regular park admission is not required.  The park closes early and only guests with the special tickets are allowed in.  Wrist bands are issued to identify that you are part of the party.

No So Spooky Fireworks over the Cinderella Castle.

In addition to the costumes and nearly unlimited candy, there are photo ops with characters that are not usually seen during the year and special shows designed specifically for the party, like this year’s Disney’s Not So Spooky Fireworks Spectacular.  The video mapping on the castle was so mesmerizing that we didn’t pay much attention to the fireworks going off overhead.

Like all things Disney, these parties are becoming more popular as time goes on and there have been a number of blog sites stating that crowds this year were a little excessive.  We went on a Tuesday night in late September and found the crowds manageable and wait times on rides not too long.  But for any who know us, a trip to a Disney park isn’t about the rides or attractions but about discovering the magic!

The parties for 2019 are over, but there is always next year and plenty of time to dream and make plans.

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