Disney Park Egg-Stravaganza

For and egg-stra-ordinary few days, we were Walt Disney World just before Easter, 2016.  We decided to let our grandson, Scott, hunt for Easter eggs at EPCOT during the annual Egg-stravaganza.

Egg-stravaganza Goofy Egg

Egg-stravaganza Goofy Egg

For the past several years, Disney has decorated large egg-shaped objects and hidden them around the parks for both kids and adults to find.

Begin with purchasing a map ($5.95) and stickers depicting the decorated eggs located around the park.  Each egg is decorated with the face of a Disney character (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Chip, Dale and several others).  The map depicts the area where the egg is “hidden” and you then attach the matching sticker to that spot on the map.

There were 4 Disney parks where one could hunt for eggs, Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, EPCOT and Disney Springs.  This was considerable fun and inexpensive and it was open to all ages.  It was surprising how difficult it was hunting for the eggs.  They were all above adult eye-level, in fact, most were up on second story balconies or light poles.  It was hard enough for an adult, so we can only imagine how it would be for a kid.

Scott Finishing the Map

Scott Finishing the Map

Once the maps were complete, Scott took them to the starting point (he did two, one for him and one for his baby sister) and turned them in for a prize; an egg painted like his favorite characters!

In spite of any perceived difficulties in locating the eggs, Scott had fun looking for them and matching the sticker to the location on the map.

Whether you find all the eggs or even match them correctly, everyone gets the prize at the end.  What a fun way to slow down and see some things at a Disney park that you might otherwise miss.

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