Dining With A Princess

Ever wanted to have dinner with a princess?  How about dining in her castle, with all its royal, opulent décor and really good food?  We found out that it’s entirely possible at Walt Disney World.  You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner in Cinderella’s Castle. Upon entering the castle, Cinderella will greet you and you can have a picture taken with her in the foyer.  Then, while your meal is being served, other Disney princesses will make a royal entrance to visit each table for a meet-and-greet, complete with a photo, if you like.

Cinderella's Castle

Cinderella’s Castle At Walt Disney World

The advantage of the size of Cinderella’s castle in Walt Disney World is that it contains so much more than its original sister, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Disneyland.  One of those advantages is having a restaurant on the second level, artfully decorated as only Cinderella would have had it.

Cinderella Meet & Greet Inside Her Castle

Cinderella Meet & Greet Inside Her Castle

As we were escorted into the first chamber, we were greeted by Cinderella herself, and as kids-at-heart, we of course couldn’t pass by without having our picture with her.

When interacting with Disney characters, there is something to remember.  The animated characters in full costume are not allowed to verbally respond, but the “face characters” are those who have a human face and you can talk with them and they talk back.  Disney does an excellent job in training the cast members to stay in character and keep the conversation relevant to the story.  When Jasmine saw Melvin’s pins on his lanyard, she commented that he must have been in the Cave of Wonders, and he should stay away from Iago as he would try to steal them.

We were escorted into the grand dining room to our table near the window where we could look out over Fantasyland.  We were then given 2 Wishing Stars on our table to wish on.  The Cast Members serving our table were friendly as usual, knowledgeable about the food, and ready to make this a dining pleasure as is the case with character dining.

Cinderella's Dining Room

Cinderella’s Dining Room

This was quite an experience for us.  Fine dining combined with character visits, all inside a princess castle.  We arrived for dinner service, which consisted of a three-course meal that started with one of four choices for an appetizer.  Then the main course had five choices of chicken, steak, pork, seafood or a vegan option.  When the main course was finished, there was a choice of four desserts, one of which was a no sugar-added option.

While we waited, four princesses were trumpeted in with fanfare.  First came Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), then Snow White, followed by Ariel (Little Mermaid), and finally Jasmine (Aladdin).  They went around the room greeting guests of all ages and posing for pictures.

This was certainly a worthwhile experience, but we would recommend this for families, especially those who have princesses of their own.  Every child royal attendee will receive a magic wand or a noble sword. (These are also available for adults if you ask.)  Cost for adults is about $60 per person for this wonderful experience.

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