Disney Word Searches

Sleeping Beauty CastleThis year is going to be a tough one for Disney fans, especially for those who had trips planned in the spring and summer of 2020.  There are plenty of blog and facebook posts speculating on what will happen to the Disney parks in both the short- and long-term, and a few trolls and naysayers who want to spread doom and gloom.  But we are not going to add to any of that.

Instead, we are going to create some word search puzzles that can be downloaded and used for school work, fun or just something to do.  We will try to create two versions in each topic and will post them every few days.  These are in .pdf formats, so you will need to download a viewer.  Here’s a link if you don’t have one: 

We don’t use RSS feeds to update our readers, so be sure to like and follow our facebook page for new puzzles.

There is one favor we ask:  Don’t just download these puzzles and pass them around to your friends, share or link our facebook page so they can also be notified when new ones come out.  Our first 2 are associated with the Disneyland park. (published 4/20/20)

Here are the next two puzzles (published 4/23/20)




P.S. Our puzzles will be enhanced as soon as we get permission from Disney to use their images for a distributable product.