50 Years in Passing

Partners Statue in Disneyland.

December 15, 1966.  Not a day to celebrate, like a wedding anniversary or Independence Day, but a day of remembrance like Pearl Harbor or 9-11.  Ten days after his 65th birthday, Walter Elias Disney passed away following complications from lung surgery, 50 years ago today.

While Walt normally worked very hard not to let the public, especially the kids, see him smoking, he was a heavy smoker from his early years and it took its toll on his life.  In November, 1966, Walt was to undergo surgery to repair a neck injury that he had suffered in a polo accident.  An X-ray taken prior to surgery revealed a dark spot on his left lung that was identified as cancer.  He recovered from the lung surgery and initially returned to work, but began feeling ill by the end of the month.  He spent Continue Reading →

Light Up The Season with D23

One of the perks of being members of D23 – The Official Disney Fan Club, is the special events we get to attend.  On December 4th, Disney created such an occasion.  Usually reserved for Animation Studio cast members, the “Light Up The Season” lighting of the campus has been expanded to include members of D23.  We were privileged to attend this Christmas Lighting event along with hundreds of other Disney fans.

Debbie filling bags with crayons, stickers, playdough and books for kids.

Debbie filling bags with crayons, stickers, playdough and books for kids.

The Burbank studio was set up with lights, decorations, photo back drops, character photos, games, “goodie stations” with hot chocolate, hot apple cider, cookies, popcorn, a train ride to the north pole and much more.  Additionally, the Marine Corps Reserve was there collecting Toys for Tots and a station was set up for making gift bags for kids in hospitals.

Most of the campus was open for exploring, including the Hall of Legends capped by the iconic Team Disney building which has the Continue Reading →

Cinderella’s Castle

The magic of Cinderella’s Castle goes beyond the size and scope of it as a building or the centerpiece of the Magic Kingdom.  It is also the entrance to Fantasyland, a stage for theater, television and movies, a restaurant, a projection screen, and a place to propose.  It is even a joy to photograph!  There are so many angles that natural lighting changes make every few moments a different picture, and the nighttime events add even more magic.

Cinderella's Castle - Magic Kingdom. 189 feet tall.

Cinderella’s Castle – Magic Kingdom. 189 feet tall.

Cinderella’s Castle in the Magic Kingdom stands second tallest among the six Disney castles at 189 feet, measured from the bottom of the moat.  Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Disneyland is only 77 feet, although it carries the distinction of being the oldest Disney castle.  Hong Kong Disneyland has a carbon copy of Anaheim Disneyland’s original castle, also called Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, but it will be undergoing major remodeling where rumors have that it will be completely different, and scheduled to be finished in 2019.  Paris Disneyland’s castle, coincidentally is also called Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, but it tops out at 167 feet, more than twice the size of its sister edifices.  Cinderella gets another castle in Tokyo Disneyland and it comes in just a foot shorter than its Orlando version.  The newest castle is in the Shanghai Disney Resort and is also the tallest at 197 feet, but it doesn’t belong to any one Disney princess.  This castle is called the Continue Reading →