Star Wars – The Force Awakens

This review is written from Melvin’s perspective as Debbie has NEVER seen a single Star Wars movie and has no desire to see this one!  I will attempt to entice you to see this movie without having to issue a “spoiler alert.”

I finally saw the new Star Wars – The Force Awakens, a week after its opening.  I will say that I was impressed with Disney’s effort to breathe new life into this epic saga of good versus evil.  This is a new movie for a new generation of fans, introducing a new slate of technologies and never-before-seen characters, as well as bringing back some familiar faces.

The story picks up where Return of the Jedi leaves off, approximately 30 years later.  We see remnants Continue Reading →

Disney Pin Trading

You see people walking around the Disney parks, decorated like a Christmas tree.  You can’t help but wonder what kind of virus would so adversely affect seemingly normal people.  But there they are, wearing their hobby and passion around their neck.  You don’t understand it:  How someone could become addicted to something so simply blasé.

They are bought, sold, traded, hoarded and collected.  So what are we talking about? Continue Reading →