m&dTo those who have come to our new website, we say “Welcome.”  We are brand new to blogging, but we are “old” Disney fans.  Since we have raised our girls and now find ourselves as empty nesters, we are rediscovering all things Disney in a new way.  And with that, we have started this blog site to share our experiences with you, and to hear from you about finding that “Disney Magic.”

The first few posts will be going over some of our past Continue Reading →

PIXAR Word Puzzle

PIXAR Movies.   (©Disney/Pixar)

It’s been a busy month with the new addition to our family, so we have fallen behind on our puzzles.  This month we have a single puzzle that should be suitable for all levels of difficulty.

This puzzle is for Best Friends everywhere.  We paired them up as best we could, using the main characters from all the PIXAR movies.  They are adversaries as best friends sometimes are.  Or they are best friends when they probably shouldn’t be, but that’s how it works out.  Anyway, enjoy this puzzle!

The Mandalorian Puzzles

The Mandalorian Season 1 now streaming on Disney+. Season 2 coming this October. (©Disney)

After two days of celebrating all things Star Wars, we couldn’t forget the newest addition to the family, “The Mandalorian” along with the cutest side kick in the galaxy, lovingly referred to as “Baby Yoda,” but only known as “The Child” in the series.

Here are two new puzzles to challenge you.

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Star Wars Word Puzzles

Getting a Storm Trooper “Stink-eye!”

We have been negligent in getting more of these word search puzzles up, so with today being “Star Wars Day” we decided it was time for more.  So here are the next 2, an easy and a more difficult one.

UPDATE:  The two newest are at the bottom of this post.

Today’s puzzles are generic Star Wars.  Tomorrow we will put up some that are Star Wars Villain inspired for “Revenge of the Fifth.”

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Here are the next two puzzles full of Star Wars Villains, celebrating “Revenge of the Fifth.”

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Disney Word Searches

Sleeping Beauty CastleThis year is going to be a tough one for Disney fans, especially for those who had trips planned in the spring and summer of 2020.  There are plenty of blog and facebook posts speculating on what will happen to the Disney parks in both the short- and long-term, and a few trolls and naysayers who want to spread doom and gloom.  But we are not going to add to any of that.

Instead, we are going to create some word search puzzles that can be downloaded and used for school work, fun or just something to do.  We will try to create two versions in each topic and will post them every few days.  These are in .pdf formats, so you will need to download a viewer.  Here’s a link if you don’t have one: 

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Here are the next two puzzles (published 4/23/20)




P.S. Our puzzles will be enhanced as soon as we get permission from Disney to use their images for a distributable product.

Frozen 2 Movie Review

(As with all our movie reviews, we will attempt to entice you without having to issue any “spoiler alerts.”)

Frozen II opened in theaters nationwide on November 22. (©Disney)

Three years since Anna saved Arendelle with her dying act of true love, we are transported once again to that mythical (mystical?) kingdom ruled by a young queen and her little sister.  In the gap of time, Elsa has learned to control her fear and is no longer a threat to the village, but now she is called upon to use her powers to find the truth to right a wrong between two people groups.

After an unexplained event dried up the water, put out the fires, blew everyone around and eventually ran them out of town, Pabbie Troll shows up to provide some clues about what is to come. Elsa, hearing a call in the wind, follows it and inadvertently awakens the spirits of Earth, Wind, Fire Continue Reading →

Halloween in the Magic Kingdom

Edna Mode (Debbie) and Mr. Incredible (Melvin).

What’s better than a trip to the Magic Kingdom?  Or better than Halloween?  How about a visit to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!  For our sixth straight year, we have made a trip to party with Mickey and all his friends.  The draw is that this is the only time that Disney allows adults to dress up in character – and believe us, there are some characters!  Take these two for example!  Debbie found Edna’s wig and glasses last year and purchased them because they were on a closeout price.  Melvin had his Continue Reading →

Home Away from Home – Pin Style

For months, we have been trying to figure out how to meet up with other Disney people in North Carolina when we are away from Disneyland or Walt Disney World.  Recently, we found TriangleNCPinTraders on Facebook.  This is a fairly new group, having just obtained their 100th follower.  They have been holding regular meet-ups for trading and sharing and today we finally made it to one of their gatherings.

Meeting of Disney pin traders in Raleigh.  (our apologies for not getting everyone in the picture!)

So, without any hesitation we got ourselves down to the Crabtree Mall where they meet to purchase the latest from the Disney Store and then head to to food court for an hour of oohing and aahing over each other’s pins with a little trading in between.

It was nice to see so many people who are into Disney pins and other collectibles.  Some have small collections and others have very unique ones, but the group is open to all who love pins and trading.  We all had stories to tell about our Disney experiences and describing Continue Reading →

WDW Skyliner – Guest Review

Notice our hair blowing in the breeze from the great ventilation within the Skyliner car.  (Tom & Mary Ann)

A new twist on an old idea, the Walt Disney World has completed their new Skyliner and is transporting guests around select locations within the resort.  So why is this a new twist?  Disney parks used to have skyliners, but they have long since disappeared from the skies.  They were rides/attractions within the parks – but now they are transportation from resort to park and back.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to experience this new addition on our latest trip but Debbie’s cousin, Mary Ann Yoder had an awesome opportunity to give it a try before it opened to the public, so we asked her to be a guest writer for the blog.  So, without further adieu, here is her story:

Just when you think you’ve become accustomed to the beauty of Disney, a ride on the Skyliner opens your eyes to a whole new world, literally!  As soon as we took flight on the Skyliner, the lyrics of A Whole New World immediately filled my mind:  A whole fantastic point of view!  A dazzling Continue Reading →

Our New Favorite Breakfast

Disney’s Beach Club Resort

Making restaurant reservations in the parks, especially those with character dining is difficult at best.  But outside the parks and just a short journey to the resorts you can find lesser known, but equally satisfying places to enjoy a meal.  Everyone runs to the Plaza Inn or Goofy’s Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel, but Continue Reading →

2019 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival

Entrance to Epcot with topiary butterfly.

We came late to the party, but at least we made it.  The 2019 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival is as stunning as ever.  The topiaries located around the park are outstanding, the entertainment is an added bonus; and let’s not forget the food!

Epcot has become one of our favorite parks for all the reasons mentioned above and as we have written about previously.  One of these days we will get to the opening day of these festivals so we can write about what is to come instead of what has happened!

Who doesn’t want to see their favorite performer for free in concert?  This year’s music line-up consisted of such mega Continue Reading →